Dale & Thomas world famous gourmet popcorn.  

As seen on the Oprah Show 
Have a Dale & Thomas popcorn bar at your special event!

Everybody loves popcorn. And, so far, everybody we meet seems to love - and we mean till-death-do-we-part love -this gourmet flavored popcorn. This is not the average movie house popcorn. Oh, no. This is popcorn to the extreme, flavored popcorn that makes your mouth water, gourmet popcorn.  The SmoothieTime popcorn bar is setup just like the image – up to 5 flavors of popcorn to chose from served up by a SmoothieTime server!

Here are some of the flavors offered - contact SmoothieTime for popcorn flavor information regarding your next event!



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Smoothie Time caters to Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.
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